Wholesale Bluetooth Speakers

mini portable bluetooth speakers wholesale india

The Bluetooth speaker is one of the very useful advancements in today’s wireless environment. It works on the technology of Bluetooth that enables you to share files, music seamlessly with friends and the speakers provide you with a high fidelity audio experience, without the hassle of tangled wires. Those of you with a smart phone may already be using the wholesale Bluetooth speaker.

wholesale bluetooth speakers

You also have a variety of earphones as well as headphones that use Bluetooth technology with many users connecting their laptops to them for an hands free media experience. We are supplier of Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker in India including Levitating Wireless Blue tooth Speakers, Mini bluetooth mobile phone wireless speaker with SD card etc.

Essentially, the technologies used in wireless speakers are the RF or radio frequency and the Infrared frequency. But with radio frequency there may be some reception issue and the Infrared frequency needs both the receiver and the device to be in direct line, which hinders any portability possibilities.

We are dealers and suppliers of wholesale Bluetooth speakers in Mumbai. Our speakers work without any such restrictions and the only requirement is that the speaker should not be more than 30 feet away from the receiver. There is no need to tweak settings and the connection is quickly established wirelessly.

Bluetooth speakers consume low power as well with many of the models running on AA batteries. There is no need for external power adaptors. The single most advantage though is the portability since users would prefer to carry tiny speakers with them and use them like earphones when on an outdoor trip.

Users find the installation easy and since there is no issue of wires entangling with each other, the experience is a simple and ideal one for anybody outdoors. These Bluetooth speakers work excellently with smart phones.Just contact us for the whole range of such speakers and you will not regret the purchase.