video brochures

The sentiment as well as utility of the conventional paper greeting card cannot be overemphasized.

video brochure india

They have been around for many years and have been used for all personal, commercial and even industrial purposes. But we are in today’s technological world where exciting possibilities exist. What if you can now support your usual greeting/marketing materials with visuals and audio? Sounds great, isn’t it? The good news is, video brochures has it’s availability in India. The video brochure is surely a very innovative introduction. You will be able to impress your target audience with this brochure that has a small LCD screen, clear stereo sound and an attractive design.

The packages your customers will receive are a colorful one and if you think it is expensive, banish the thought. These brochures are affordable and what’s more have a quick turnaround time. The quality of screens, the memory chips, batteries, speakers and the motherboards are all of the highest order. The brochures are quality checked and are ready to play with the content loaded when they are delivered to you.You as the originator of the video brochure can put the desired video content and this can be of duration from 30 seconds to 8 hours. You will be able to load the files on your own and should you want a change, you can do so at your convenience.

A final signoff on the design, artwork, content, packaging is taken from the customer by the vendor before the video brochures are made and shipped to him. As wholesalers and distributors of these video brochures in Mumbai India, you can rely on us to provide you with the latest designs. Our after sales services are top notch and we will be in touch with you regularly through the execution of the order.