Transcend CompactFlash Card

The Transcend CompactFlash cards occur in 32 and 64 GB and range up to 128 GB memory capacity and occur as Standard and Premium types. They conform to the CF Type I standards and are CompactFlash 4.1 compliant. They exhibit a MLC flash-based performance and reliability and are excellent for DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Low power consumption and multi-platform compatibility are the special features. We offer lowest Transcend CompactFlash card wholesale prices in India. Transcend offers limited lifetime warranty and a Built-in hardware ECC technology for detecting and correcting errors. We are wholesale Transcend CompactFlash card dealers in Mumbai, India.
A special mention goes to the1000x CompactFlash card from Transcend that supports the CompactFlash 6.0 specification, and offers incredible high-speed performance with a vast storage space. The Ultimate series cards support the high-end DSLRs.

We are dealers and wholesale suppliers of Transcend CompactFlash cards in Mumbai, India.