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Sandisk pen drives are among the industry leading pen drive brands. We are the wholesalers of Sandisk pen drives in major cities of India. All the new specification and sizes of Sandisk pen drives are available with us. The SanDisk pen drives can be used with many electronic devices.

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SanDisk provides a huge variety in pen drives. There are low profile simple drives to ultra professional ones to suit the finest needs. The storage capacity starts from 2 GB and ranges up to 64 GB. The high-end drives provide space to carry bulky files like videos and high resolution images and use 128-bit AES encryption that enables sharing and also provides secure access to personal data. The compatibility of the drives varies between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Some drives give you access to cloud storage from a service. The Xbox drive is designed especially for games data. Some verities also enable you to create an auto backup of the data. The warranty period differs for each type of flash drive and for some it is lifetime warranty.

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The customers just have to give their requirement and it will be delivered by us. We ensure a prompt and speedy service form our side. We can be contacted either by mail or through telephone. We give importance to customer satisfaction over anything else.