pen pen drive wholesale

The pen pen drive is a very compact, detachable storage device like the floppy disk or the CD. But when it comes to functionality, it is much more convenient since it can be carried along anywhere to be connected to a computer, smart phone through its Universal Serial Bus or USB port.


It is this easy of connectivity and rapid data transfer properties that has made it so popular among users today.

The pen pen drives are handy to carry, very ubiquitous and also affordable. They come with storage capacities of usb flash drive in 64GB 32GB 16GB 8GB 4GB making them more than adequate for quick transfer of data. IBM was the company that came out with this wonderful idea in 1988 and since then this concept of data storage as well as transfer of data has gained rapid ground.

The pen drive has no parts that move within it which enables its sealing. It can thus remain dust free and it gets protection from any exposure to other magnetic fields. The data you have stored in it remains safe. All OS recognize pen drives and therefore mounting and using them on any computer or smart phone is not a hassle at all.

Detaching it and replugging it into another computer or device is a very easy process and users are taking along their important files, media on such devices for presentation as well as other purposes. Life has become very easy for students also as they can now take along the data they want on this device and work at leisure.

The pen drives can be made secure from virus through encryption. They truly represent the most economical of storage medium.

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