Mobile power banks in Wholesale

The first question that is posed by or to any user of a smart phone is, “How is the battery”? The poser is an enquiry about the staying power of battery juice and the frequency of charging that is needed to keep it going.

Mobile power banks manufacturers mumbai


With smart phones being subject to more and more challenges in terms of its memory as well as battery usage, there is a need for an external source of power storage. Portable chargers for mobile is the device of the moment that has made life much easier for smart phone users. We are leading mobile power bank manufacturers in Mumbai and can ensure commendable quality of our products.

How wonderful it is that you no longer have to worry about your battery running out during a conversation or when you are just about to finish the game you are playing on your phone on a high. Just connect the power bank device through USB to your smart phone to immediately plug into a powerhouse that will keep your smart phone functioning perfectly till you get home or to a place where you can tap into a wall socket for a recharge of the battery. Just ensure you are carrying a fully charged device with you at all times and quality of the device should be dependable.

We are also soon launching disposable Power Bank wholesale in Mumbai in 300mAh, 600mAh, 800mAh and 1,000mAh for options –Type: Android & IOS Devices – Battery: Li-ion Polymer Battery – Material: Fireproof ABS+PC -Dimension: 33x33x9.2mm(300mAh) –Power Effiiency: >90%.They are Fashionable design in unique shape and have Powerful with long time operation time. Advantage is Electricity-saving function & Environmental-friendly and Different colors for option for promotions. Suitable for Coffee Shop, Super Market, Gas Station, Convenience Store, etc. These disposable mobile chargers are Suitable for Coffee Shop, Super Market, Gas Station, Convenience Store, etc.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, contact us as we are one of the leading power bank wholesalers in Mumbai.