Micro – SDHC Memory Card

The micro SDHC card is a storage solution in mobile devices that is increasing in its popularity. The micro – SDHC card can be used in any SDHC slot quipped camera, computer or card reader. It is compatible with all micro SDHC slot equipped devices.

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High-Capacity and is a variant of the SD format. The SDHC cards occur in the micro and mini size. They are defined in version 2.0 of the SD specification and can support cards up to 32 GB.

When using an SDHC card, you need to check the compatibility of the mobile for the SDHC slot. The class of the SDHC card that is determined by the Data Transmission Speed (DTS) decides the efficiency of the card. However, along with the class, the read and write speed of the device is also important. The Ultra High Speed (UHS) cards that work with UHS compatible devices are high-end varieties of SDHC cards. We are dealers, suppliers and distributors for Micro – SDHC Memory Cards in Mumbai, India.

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