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The utilities of the flash drives also known as pen drives, jump drives and other such names are well known. They are the devices of choice among users as they have more than adequate storage capacities and are convenient to be taken along anywhere. They run on a standard operating system, use much less power and are versatile in the sense they can be used to store documents, software programs, audio and video.

key shape pendrive supplier india

We are wholesale supplier and key shape pen drive in Mumbai india

One of the more popular custom flash drives is the key shaped flash drives. They are shaped like the key with a round top part having a hole that can be fitted to a key chain. The flash drive replaces the key portion so that the whole device looks like the key. It is thinner but at the same time more robust than other USB drives. The USB connector is usually gold plated and adequately resistant to scratches as well as water. The connector is well protected with a plastic cap. The key shaped flash drives / key pen drive also deliver superior performance as compared to the other pen drives. They are ideal for use on Macintosh as well as PCs with a high transfer rate. They are very popular amongst both business as well as personal users since they can be quickly connected to the smart phone and data can be transferred efficiently.

Due to their obvious utility, these key shaped flash drives are in demand with many companies promoting their brand through the distribution of such devices to their customers, vendors. Bulk orders for key shape pen drives are being placed for such items with wholesale suppliers and distributors like us in cities like Mumbai and Pune by these companies.

Key shaped flash drives are available in different materials like rubber, metal and plastic. Choose what you want and contact us for competitive bulk rates at the earliest.