Fancy Pen Drives Wholesale

e wonderful utility value of buying fancy pen drives wholesale is undisputed. They are without doubt one of the most cherished portable devices that many users of smart phones as well as computers are using. The sheer range, design and shapes available today are also testimony to the ever increasing popularity of these devices. With a pen drive that can have a capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB in Fancy USB Pen drives, there is a lot you can access by way of data and other media at any time you wish.However, there are some constraints that you as the user of these fancy pen drives should also be aware of. The numbers of write as well as erase cycles that pen drives can support depends upon the model and range you have opted for. Low range devices may be able to sustain only limited cycles before they become redundant. Many of these pen drives do not incorporate the write-protect facility and that means you run the risk of data getting over written. You should have the above when choosing your pen drive. Cute, small sized pen drives also stand the risk of getting misplaced or left behind and that is something the user must guard against, since valuable data can get into wrong hands.

The above limitations notwithstanding, the pen drive remains a device that is a sought after one. Many corporate houses as well as smaller organizations are making use of this device as great promotional and gift item options. The relatively low cost per unit of storage, ability to have the company logo or relevant advertising message displayed on these devices are all factors that are driving sales of this device. The ease of connectivity of these devices to the smart phone through USB is one of the other reasons behind its increased usage.
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