Credit card shaped power bank wholesale

One of the oft repeated demands of users to smart phone manufacturers is for a longer lasting battery. Over the years, both Google and Apple have innovated with their operating systems to ensure battery lasts longer but given the usage pattern today, users just cannot get enough. We are supplier of Credit card shaped power bank wholesale in India

Credit card shaped power bank wholesale in India

Close to 30% of users are totally hooked onto their devices and have admitted they cannot do without them. Over 65% of other users keep checking their devices for messages, alerts or play games on their devices leading to the drain of battery power much sooner. The only solution is to have a power bank ready to recharge the drained battery.

Power banks have become indispensable for the modern day smart phone user. A recent research revealed the mounting preference for power banks of 5000mah, credit card power bank 2500mah and above, indicating just how desperate users have become. At the same time though, they want these power banks to be as slim, light weight and affordable as possible.

Consequently, marketing and PR folks have recognized the immense potential of these power banks and that gave rise to the introduction of various custom power banks. Of these the card power bank is one of the most popular due to its slim, lightweight and stylish looks.

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The credit card power bank devices come in various colors as well. They can be operated through the plug and play mode. They are efficient, lasting for long hours. The glow light is a useful indicator telling the user about the status of the recharging.

These card power banks have become the corporate promotional tool of choice with many companies putting their logo or company message on the enhanced space of the card power bank for brand recall.

Printing technology of today makes it easier for high quality photos to be embossed on these cards. We are distributors of such card power banks and would be able to offer you a whole range of such card power banks at affordable rates.